Wine Label Review-Intuicao

Ok so the thought of my wine bottle staring back at me is pretty creepy.  Eyeballs in general are pretty creepy when you look closely.  Funny how that works considering how humans will often complement others on their beautiful eyes.  I guess from some distance, eyes can be and oftentimes are beautiful...but when you get up close that definitely changes for me.

One of the goals of a wine label designer is to catch the attention of the buyer.  I bet this does the trick really well.  You know when you can feel someone staring at you?  I imagine you'd get this feeling standing in the store perusing a rack of wine...this one must jump off the shelf.  So for getting recognized in the store, I think it probably does pretty well.  However, I wonder how many people shy away when the bottle stares back at them?!  What do you think?

By the way, Intuicao is the Portugese word for intuition.