Wine Label Review-The Fugitive: Wino Shirt ClubThis simple label immediately reminds me of the movie the Thomas Crown Affair.  Although when I hear the word "fugutive" I think of Harrison Ford, so this label has me thoroughly mixed up when it comes to movie associations!  When I think of Thomas Crown, I don't think of the word fugitive...although I guess that's what he technically was.  Criminals with means (money) seem less harmful...and murder is a little different than art theft!  They're also kind of cool...I definitely could picture myself as an international art thief, complete with my own airplane and private island!

On to the label...The suit and hat without the face is pretty cool.  The chartreuse background makes the figure pop off the label and this bottle stand out from the crowd.  The suit/hat/green combination creates the illusion that there is a head there, even though it can't be seen.  And the placard in front of the figure appears to be the prisoner number from a mugshot.  All in all, a nice compilation.  I love the label but can't comment on the wine just yet.  I'll keep you posted.