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Two-EE’s was founded on the belief that every varietal deserves a spotlight, because each one has something to offer. Our journey to discover these unique varietals often takes us off the beaten path. And we like the challenge—the grapes are worth it.

In an industry grown stale with rules and tradition, winemaking has become less of an art and more a consumer science. Wine drinkers have been taught to believe that a popular name and a shiny label are more important than the contents. But most fail to realize that at the heart of winemaking is the grape. At Two-EE’s Winery we asked the question, “Why not let the grapes speak for themselves?”

We search near and far for unique grapes that are unfamiliar to most wine drinkers—neglected varietals often bypassed for their more popular cousins. But our minimalist production technique highlights the true nature of these arcane grapes offering unique flavors not found anywhere else.

We hold our grapes, our processes and ourselves to the highest quality standards. If we create a wine that is even slightly less than perfect, we won’t bottle it. Guaranteed.


TWO EE's Winery
Huntington, IN

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